Vickery Holdings stock a wide range of epoxy, sealants, adhesive and more from reputable brands like Concrete Colour Systems, Mapei, Vespol and many more. Our range includes epoxy, floor levelers and curing compounds. Vickery Holdings is your go-to store for concrete professionals

We know all about bringing colour and life to plain grey concrete. So, whether it’s a residential, commercial or a streetscape project you are undertaking, we are sure to have the right colours, products and information for you.

We supply decorative concreting products for new concrete and for rejuvenating existing concrete. This includes resurfacing products, spray on, Hydrochloric Acid, Sealers, stencils, a wide range of oxide colours, concrete colours and resurfacing products as well as internal flooring solutions. We also carry a wide range of tint colours for sealer.

On top of this range we carry the following finishing products: Aliphatic Alcohol, Curing Agents, Concrete Retarders and Exposed Concrete Surface retarders.

We are also able to supply concrete repair, grouts and anchoring systems, engineering and architectural coatings, concrete curing compounds, flooring and surface treatments, jointing systems, sealants, waterproofing products and water stops.

Pattern Stamped Concrete creates a similar appearance to stone pavers, slate or tiles with the use of textured rubber mats pressed into wet concrete. A release agent adds contrast and highlights the texture once the mat is removed.

Adding texture to concrete opens up a world of design opportunities when combined with our full depth concrete colour range. Your options are endless with polish, burnish, artistic imprints, exposed aggregate, sandblast and much more.

When choosing a texture, consider the look and feel as well the practical requirements for your project.