Concrete Formwork

Concrete Formwork holds concrete in shape whilst the mixture sets and hardens. It is installed before any concrete is poured and has various uses including flooring and slabs. Each installation needs to ensure the formwork is level so that a nice even finish is achieved. Even though formwork is only for temporary use, it needs to be able to carry heavy loads resulting from the mass of newly laid concrete and construction materials, workers and equipment.

Metal Bar Chairs

Metal Bar Chair are primarily utilized to set reinforcing mesh and bars into correct positions which assists with the prevention of exposure to corrosion and other environmental elements. The steel legs are covered in a plastic film to assist with protection.

Available in a complete range of sized form 20mm to 340mm, Plastic-tipped metal bar chairs are supplied in bags of 25, 50 or 100. Please see our full range of sizes in store.

Plastic Bar Chairs

Plastic Bar Chairs are an accessory utilized in concreting applications to support both the reinforcing bar and mesh as well as to ensure the correct coverage of concrete over the reinforcement area. Plastic Bar Chairs are for positioning mesh in the concrete slab. 

Slab on Ground Plastic Bar Chairs

Clip Fast Plastic Slab on Ground Plastic Bar Chairs are ideal for deep ground slabs such as those found in many civil, roads or commercial projects. They are a lightweight and economical alternative to metal chairs. As they are plastic, they have no rust issues. They can be supplied in various heights from 40mm to 150mm and are sold in bags of 100.

Dowel Bars

Round Dowel Bars are 400mm to 600mm length steel bars which serve the purpose of spreading positive load across joints. They are designed smooth which assists with allowing them to move in the joint when shrinkage occurs due temperature changes, etc. Dowel Bars are installed between concrete slabs to allow for the load to transfer between them as well as along for movement because of expansion. They provide a corrosion resistant and highly durable solution for connections in concrete slabs and other applications. Black and Galvanised Round Dowel Bars come in 12mm,16mm and 20mm size.

Safety Caps

Plastic safety caps provide protection against any protruding reinforcement bars on-site. They protect against impalement as well as scratch resistance. They are simple to fit and increase safety.

Tie Wire

Tie Wire is annealed wire used for tying and binding reinforcement bars and mesh.

Belt Pack Tire Wire – is a reinforcing accessory in black or galvanized and sold in 1.6mm and 3.15mm. Suits applications for bar and mesh tying.

Bag-Ties – For the purpose of tying mesh and bar and is regularly used with twisting tools for steel fixing. Sold per roll in pre-cut lengths.

Polythene Building Film

Polythene Building Film is used as a waterproofing membrane and vapor barrier with Slab on Ground applications. Providing a moisture barrier, or damp-proof membrane for concrete slabs. High Impact Black Film for Slab on Ground applications are available in 50m lengths at either 2m or 4m widths.