Ableflex Expansion Joints

Looking for a gap filler? Ableflex Expansion Joints are what you need. They are both lightweight and Flexible and can be used around curved objects. It is widely utilized as a gap filler and/or bond breaker for wall joints and floor, as a filling system for roadways, bridges and motorways. Built for long term durability and is non-absorbent to liquids. Sold as a continuous roll, 25m in length with various width sizes available.

Connolly Key Expansion Joints

Sturdy and rigid by design and used to deliver straight, clean lines. A patented Connolly peg and wedge is utilised to make installs as quick and easy as possible with the added benefit of exact height adjustment. The rigid steel profiles produce straighter joints. Useful for controlling cracks on large slabs, including residential home slabs and industrial applications.

The entire system includes dowels, sleeves, expansion foam, wedges and pegs and is available in 6m lengths and 3 different heights, 100, 150 & 200 mm.


Used as an alternative to saw cuts in order to induce a full depth crack into concrete. Easy to use, just install a Crack-A-Joint into the wet concrete where you need the joint line. Crack-A-Joint helps you to finish a slab on the same day without the need to come back and saw cut. Common applications include driveways, slabs and pavements.